Saturday, June 13, 2015

Read it! Write It!

Hey guys and gals! It's Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden.

I hope you're enjoying your summer if you're out. If you're not, hopefully you don't have toooooo many more days!

A few months ago, I needed something for my kids to work on in small groups and with a partner when they weren't with me that related to writing. I had a ton of those metal rings stashed away, toner to use, and some laminated sheets ready to be used. I decided to make what I call Read It! Write It! These cards and this book was a HUGE hit in my classroom. My students were motivated to practice writing out cvce words that we were still practicing as we neared the end of the year. I want to show and tell you all about one of my favorite tools!

Read It! Write It! has two components. The first part is a flap book. There are five sections to this book. CVC words, blends, digraphs, cvce, and rhymes. This book could be used for the entire year. You could add all of the parts or just add as needed.

Students use the book to read through each of the words with a partner. It can also be used in a spelling test type of way. One student can read a word while the other writes.

I also have made a set of smaller pictures. These can be used by the teacher or the students.

Here's how it works:
 Print, laminate, and cut all of the cards. Punch a hole in the corner of each of the smaller cards. Add these to rings. You do not have to add all of the same type of cards to the same rings. For example, you can have 8 cards on the cvc ring and add the rest to different rings.

 For organization, I've added which pile/type of words each card belongs to in case they are mixed up.


There is also a title page that goes with each tab. You can choose not to use this page if you'd like. To make your Read It! Write It! Flipper book, print, laminate and cut around each of the pages. Line up your cards in the same place and punch two holes. Add rings to make a book.

Here's how to use it:
 The small cards can be used in a partner style or with the teacher.  The students will flip through the cards and read each word. As they read it, they will write it. I let my kids get a sheet of writing paper, iPad with the Doodle Buddy app, or dry erase board to write on. If using with the teacher, the teacher can determine how and where they can write. I let my students write on our table with a dry erase.

With the book, the students will write the words as they read the picture. For the rhyming portion, they can produce a rhyming word or write a set of rhyming words. For the blends, students can just write the blend that they hear.

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