Monday, June 15, 2015

Father's Day Craft Activities

Today is Make-it Monday!  I have two fun Father’s Day craft activities to show you today, plus a Father's Day writing freebie! 

Getting a homemade gift is always fun, and it’s even better when it’s from your child!  Here are two different crafts for Father’s Day that are easy for your students or your own children to make.

The first craft is this simple Father’s Day tie shape book.  After you’ve made enough copies, students simply have to cut out the shape, staple together, and fill in the pages.  It’s always fun to read what your child writes about you!

 The writing prompts are:

1) My dad is really good at ____.
2) My dad likes to eat ____.
3. My dad likes to play ____.
4) My dad and I go to ____.
5) My dad likes to watch ____.
6) I love my dad because ____.
7) Here’s a picture of my dad and me.  (This page has space for the child to draw a picture.)

The second craft is a coupon wallet.  It comes with a wallet template and nine coupons, plus three blank coupons for students to create-their-own coupon. 

 Students can assemble the wallet in these four easy steps:

1. Color the wallet.
2. Cut out the wallet around the outside.
3. Fold the wallet lengthwise and glue or staple just the short edges.
4. Fold the wallet in half on the dashed line to create the wallet.

Add the coupons to the wallet and you're done!

For both crafts, I included versions for “Grandpa” and “Uncle”.

You can view this set of crafts in my store here.  

You can also grab these cute Father’s Day Writing Pages for free in my store by clicking here:


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