Friday, June 12, 2015

All About Brag Tags

Hello Kinder friends! It's Elyse from A is for Apples and I'm here today to [hopefully] answer all of your questions about my brag tags and give you a couple little freebies to try out!

This is the question I get ALL the time!! And I LOVE answering it!
Every time I post a picture of brag tags on IG, I get asked these questions:
"How do you use these?" - "What are these?" - "Where can I find these?" - 
"How do you store your tags?"
Here we go....let's answer those questions!!

Brag tags are small, rectangular pieces of paper that students can earn as academic and behavior incentives. Brag tags can be hung on backpacks or made into a necklace.

Brag tags are an inexpensive and easy way to reward students! You're ready to use the tags in just a few quick steps.
Print, laminate, cut apart, and punch a hole - done!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Here's an example of some tags my students love working for...HOMEWORK tags!! If they complete all their homework for the month, they earn a monthly homework club tag. Notice all the checkmarks? They don't want to miss out on a tag!!!

                                                                  I use binder rings to attach the brag tags to their backpacks so they become a big keychain! At the end of the year my students take all of their tags off the rings and make them into necklaces. This way I can keep the rings and they can leave Kindergarten with a brag tag necklace!
This girl has so many tags!
Making necklaces!

Last summer's project: create a teacher toolbox with lots of space for brag tags!

Best decision ever! I bought the toolbox from Lowe's, spray painted the top half orange and created labels for the tags I'd use the most.  They fit perfectly in the drawers, and I'm able to stack a couple different tags in each drawer. Lots of storage space now!

Your school year may be over, but summer is the perfect time to get your brag tags prepped for the next year! Since they are simple to make (just print, laminate, cut, and hole punch!) there's plenty of time to get a lot done!

Grab this exclusive 1st day freebie right HERE!
This one is from my "Special Schools Days" pack!

If you're still in school, grab this "School's Out for Summer!" freebie pack to give to the kids as they leave for summer!

{Click HERE or on the image below.}

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These are a few of my favorite packs (who am I kidding? I love them all!) and good ones to have to start off the school year!
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And there you have it! I hope all of your brag tag questions have been answered! Enjoy your freebies!

P.S. There's a few more brag tag freebies in my store (and I'll be working on updating a couple of them this summer)!!


  1. These are great - my kids loved them!

    1. Wonderful! I love hearing that!! :)

  2. Do you have the toolbox labels in your store?

    1. Yes!!! I have 2 sets: the orange and blue ones seen here and purple and teal!

    2. Also, both are editable!!!! :)

  3. Do you send home a parent letter at the beginning of the year explaining what brag tags are?