Monday, April 13, 2015

Rainbow Acrostic Poems

Hey Friends!  It's Andrea from I Heart Kindergarten and I am enjoying my first day of Spring Break!  Spring is such a fun time in the classroom and we enjoy spending time on crafts and projects as the school year winds down and we get ready for summer.

Today is Make-It-Monday and I'd like to share a fun writing craftivity that always makes a great hallway display!  Rainbow Name Acrostic Poems!  My kiddos love doing anything that involves their names!  

To start, we spend a few days brainstorming a list of adjectives for each letter of the alphabet.  Yes, these adjectives are large words and many that my kinders have never heard before.  However, I think it's important to expose kids to as much vocabulary as possible, so we venture into the world of hard words a lot!  I find it's especially good for my English Language Learners.  

Once we have all of our adjective lists and they are displayed around the room, we work on our acrostic poems!  Each child will need a white cloud and several strips of colored paper.  At this point in the year the kids should be able to cut out their own clouds.  They will write their names on their clouds, then use the colored strips to write an adjective for each letter of their names.


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