Sunday, April 12, 2015

Keeping up with Kindergarten

Happy Sunday friends! It's Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden. I am so excited to bring you a little love this Sunday. 

Can you believe how fast this school year has flown? It feels like I was just meeting my sweet kiddos at Meet the Teacher night. We are in FULL get ready for 1st grade mode. 

April is the time when I start preparing for the end of the school year. I think about EOY gifts, graduation, and the summer. I want my students to retain ALL of the information that they learned throughout the year with me. With that thought in mind, I am very particular about what I send home with them during the summer.

I started at the beginning of this month by copying and sorting through my summer review packet. Do you send something home for you kiddos?

Here's what I send:

  • parent letter to inform parents about the summer review
  • sight words and/or spelling words for practice
  • optional reading list
  • writing prompts for a journal (this year, I'll be sending home a journal with all of my students to hold their writing)
  • picture writing prompts

these are copied front/back as most of the sheets are

That's the list of what EVERYONE gets. The rest of their packets are made specifically for that child. I don't send home things that they don't need to work on. If they have mastered a skill with me and I'm confident that they will have it when they come back in August, I leave that skill out. However, if they may have just gotten it, I add in things that won't hurt to practice. You can check out the entire list of what I choose from here.

There are some pages that they can just HAVE FUN with. My kids love playing with spinners. I have included some different versions of spinners and directions on how to make it a spinner.

Each child gets a nice, kid-friendly cover to color as well.

Last year, I just binder clipped them all. This year, I may try some folders we've been using for something else all year. I think I'm going to paper clip the sheets that don't need to be included in the stack in a pocket. I may also add some page protectors for the pages that can be used with a dry erase marker. 

I try to make it as EASY as I can for some of my kids to do these by themselves. I don't work in a school where we have parents running up here to help us out, so sometimes my kids have to practice by themselves at home.

When I sent it home last year, I got so many thank you'd after. One of my teaching partners also sent the review home with her kids and we got rave reviews from parents. Even if it helped one child over the summer, I'm happy!

Try out these sample sheets of my Keeping up with Kindergarten: Summer Review. I'll be adding to this packet within the next couple of weeks because there is so much that can be done during those trying summer works. If there is something that you would LOVE to have in a summer review that I may have left out, please let me know in the comments!

Click to download your free sample!

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