Friday, April 17, 2015

Free Emergent Reader & Puzzles

Hey all! It's Bek here (from The Barefoot Teacher), and I've got some FREEBIES that will hopefully give you more time to kick off your shoes and relax! 

It seems like everyone is gearing up for zoo trips in the next few months, so I thought I'd share some pics from MY favorite zoo, and then give you a few resources that you can do with your kiddos on or near zoo day. 

My family's favorite zoo is Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL. 

There are six of us, so we try to keep a membership going every year. We often spend a few days a week there in the summers. I love it because the kids never bore of watching the animals. It's big enough that we can switch up which exhibits we see each time.

They love the giraffes the best. Every since they saw one in close quarters drinking another's...well, never mind! The reason is not that important - yikes!

They like to fight over the map, too. We've learned to just ask for four maps, rather than having them take turns...that didn't really work! 

If it's raining, we can go into the Hamill Play Zoo, where there are a lot of hands on and exploration activities, holding and petting animals, playing, face painting, and of course, their favorite, misting the plants.

It's fun to reinforce these zoo trips with some bonus zoo themed activities when we get home. 

And that's what I want to share with YOU today! 

I have three zoo themed resources that you'll be able to download, absolutely FREE, for today and tomorrow only (4/17 & 4/18).

The first freebie is an emergent readers duo, called
 One reader has students reading the animal words to determine which page they need to paste the picture onto. The other reader has the picture already on the page and requires students to write in the animal's name.
 Pocket chart pieces are included! You can use those during whole group or center time. Leave them out at the table for students to refer back to as they write in the animal words into their books. 

The second freebie I have available for you is a set of Zoo Picture Puzzles.
 There are two different sets included-colorful and black/white. Print out the colorful set on card stock and laminate for extra durability at a center, or use the black/white for students to color and take home with them.

The final freebie I have for you is my newer Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Zoo Themed pack.
Help your little sweethearts develop confidence in their reading abilities with these reading sheets that were made with reading Kinders in mind. The kid-friendly font and large text makes these passages easy to navigate through.

 Too hard for your little friends? Then use these during whole group! Read them aloud to the class and then ask the questions orally to see who understands the material and to spark further discussion.

Remember, these resources will be free today and tomorrow only, so download them quickly. And please, share this post with your friends so that they can get in on the freebies too.

I appreciate feedback, so don't forget to leave a rating!

May your zoo trips be smooth (for those of you taking your classes of Kinders) and full of fun and adventure! 

~Til next time

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