Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Free Halloween Activity: Fruit Snack Mini-Book

Hello there!  It's Katie from Resources by Mrs. Roltgen, and I've got a fun, quick little freebie for all of you!

I found these fun Halloween fruit snacks at the grocery store and I knew they would make a fun Halloween activity.  I've done fruit snack sorting with kids before, but I wanted to go beyond basic sorting and incorporate more math skills.  Therefore, I made a mini-book that has students practice a variety of math skills using these Halloween fruit snacks.

Tip:  Plan to give each student two bags of fruit snacks in order to make the activity a little easier.  Some of the packs I opened only have five, some had eight.  Each student needs at least 10 to do the activities.

Here are a few of the pages:

Counting and writing "how many"

A sorting page

Non-standard measurement

Ten frames

...and MORE!  There are also pages for estimation, comparing sets (greater/less than/equal to), and adding more to make five.

I didn't put numbers on the pages, so you can feel free to omit or rearrange the pages as you wish.

To download this FREEBIE, click on the picture below.

Enjoy, and Happy Fall!

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