Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Awesome Counting Songs and Videos

Hi Friends! It's Alex from The Kindergarten Connection

My students LOVE to sing! I love how engaged they are with learning when I can incorporate songs and movement. 

One thing we work hard on in Kindergarten is counting. Counting takes practice and repetition, and I need to keep it engaging for them. 

Here are some of our favorite counting songs and videos! 

Counting Together by The Learning Station

This one is perfect for the beginning of the year and counting/recognizing numbers to 10. It has a catchy chorus and also practices counting objects! I like how they show the numbers while they count the objects to really make them stick! 

Count to 20 by Harry Kindergarten 

This song has a catchy beat (like most from Harry Kindergarten!) and I also like how near the end it counts backwards from 20, which can be a tricky concept! 

Counting down from 20 by Have Fun Teaching

Speaking of counting backwards, this song is super fun for that concept! It's catchy and gets kids up and moving. It is great for getting them thinking about what numbers come before

Counting Superhero by Harry Kindergarten

Kids love superheroes! In this, THEY are the superheroes who can count to 100! I like how appealing it is to young learners, as well as how it shows the numbers while it counts. I also like how it highlights the 10's! 

The Big Numbers Song by KidsTV123

This song is a little slower, but I think it is great for a few minutes of calm or transition. I like how it shows the number as well as the number words all the way to 100. Plus, sometimes, it is helpful to count a little slower so that they can really hear each number! 

I Can Count to 100 by Mark D. Pencil and Harry Kindergarten

This is super upbeat and a great one to get up and move to! It also shows the numbers as they count, so that kids are seeing them while they say them! 

Let's Get Fit/Count to 100 by Jack Hartmann

This is easily my kindergarteners' favorite counting song! They love to get up, do the exercises, and count! This is a pretty popular one. If you haven't tried it - you definitely should! 

Climbing up this Mountain by Harry Kindergarten

This is a great video for counting by 10's! It is engaging because it also incorporates other things into the video (you are on a hike) which gives kids a little break from the counting. 

Counting by Tens Song by Have Fun Teaching

This song does a great job at getting kids to count by 10's multiple times by doing it different ways. You start out near the ground quietly, then you are standing up and being loud! This keeps them engaged with it for longer, which is great! 

What are your favorite counting songs? I would love to add more to my collection for my class! 

If you are looking for more great songs and videos, hop over and check out my favorite alphabet ones! 

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