Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DIY Crayon-Style Pencil Holder

Cute DIY crayon-style pencil holder for teachers
Hello colleagues! We hope your school year is off to a great start. Here in Yucatan, our kids just went back to school on the last day of August. If you started earlier, don't be jealous though, because we'll pay for it later when we get out of school in mid July! 

Today we're blogging to share a fun and easy DIY project with you all. Eliceo and I love making crafty teacher stuff and this is one of our latest creations. It's super simple to make and only requires a few supplies. All you'll need are some cans, crayons, and craft glue (hot glue will melt the crayons). Then all you do is glue the crayons around the can. You can arrange them like a rainbow, or make a fun pattern with the colors. You could also tie a ribbon around them for added cuteness. Then we put it on our desks to hold all our writing tools. These would make a great gift for your colleagues, or even your secretary. If you're planning to make a bunch of them, make sure to stock up on crayons in the fall during the back to school deals. We hope you enjoy it. As always, happy teaching! 
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