Sunday, September 20, 2015

Awesome Alphabet Songs and Videos

Hi friends! It's Alex from The Kindergarten Connection. I don't know about your class, but in my class, we LOVE to sing! 

We sing songs all the time, and they really help us learn. I often find favorites on YouTube that we can learn to sing, and then also watch the video. It engages my kids and lets them learn in a fun way!

Since it is the beginning of the year, we are focusing hard on the alphabet! Here are some of our favorite alphabet songs! 

Learnin' My Letters! by Harry Kindergarten 

This is a fun rap for kids and has simple, catchy, repetitive text! A nice break from the traditional ABC's, and we can get up and move to the beat a bit!

ABC Phonics Song by The Learning Station

This one is a little slower and great for really looking at letters and their individual sounds. It combines, letters, sounds, and a word that starts with the sound.

Alphabet Song by Have Fun Teaching

This is upbeat and even while it's sung like a rap, you can hear the tune of the traditional ABC's in the background. It also goes through the capital letters as well as the lowercase letters, which I really like!

Letters Sounds Song by KidsTV123

This is a slower one and I love it for transitions. I often put it on as they are cleaning up or after lunch when we need a few minutes of rest time. It is calming but still one they start to sing along to. Simple, yet they are learning!

The ABC Song by KidsTV123

This is the traditional ABC song, (or very similar to it) but I like how it shows one letter popping up at a time, first in uppercase A-Z then in lowercase a-z. It helps them know that as we sing we are saying ONE letter at a time (especially for l, m, n, o, and p)  :)

And... just for fun - we love this one....

Backwards Alphabet Song by

This is mostly just for fun, but my class enjoys a moment for silly and also to see if they can, indeed, say the alphabet backwards!  :)

What are your favorite alphabet songs? I would love to add more to my collection for my class!

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  1. Hi Alex! I am fairly new to kindergarten so really appreciate your great suggestions! Thank you! I am going to take the links you gave us and run them through SafeShare. That way no commercials, links, or comments pop up. Thanks again! Camille