Sunday, August 9, 2015

All About Me Back to School Math Activity

Hello.  This is Greg from Mr. Elementary Math. It is hard to believe that we are back to school or preparing to go back within the next couple of weeks.  For those of you that are beginning to think about back to school activities, hopefully I have a resource that could be added to your collection.  

This activity is great to use during the first days of school. I've used it with upper grade students and recently modified the activity to meet the needs of kindergarten students.  

How does it work?
I introduce myself to the students by sharing 4 "number based" facts about myself. Examples of   "number based" facts can include:
  1. I have been a teacher for _____ years.
  2. I have _____ children or I have ____ child.
  3. I have _____ people in my family.
  4. I have _____ sister(s) and _____  brother(s).
  5. I traveled to _____ places this summer.
  6. I have _____ letters in my name.
Check out my completed example below. 
Math Activity
After sharing my completed version using the template, I ask the students to complete their own All About Me sheets. Check out a completed student sample below.

kindergarten math activity

Lastly, I call students up one by one to present their completed work to the class.  Students love doing this activity because they share information about themselves, see the connection that numbers have in their everyday lives and learn about their classmates. 

For a free version of the template, click here.  If you choose to do this activity, I would love to hear how it went in your classroom in the comments section.

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