Sunday, June 7, 2015

Playdough makes everything more fun! {Sample included}

Have you ever noticed how playdough makes everything more fun?!?! It is a HUGE hit in my class. So, to help bring the fun back into reading practice I made seasonal Read & Do Playdough Sets. The sets needed to be easy for differentiation while still being fun, so I have included 2 versions of most of the boards. This way teachers can choose which boards to include at a center depending on the needs & levels of their students. 

Krazee 4 Kindergarten did a blog post all about the spring set. You can read about how much her class loved the set HERE. Danielle captured some great pictures of how many of the boards are leveled.

You can see how in level 2, students have to read longer and more detailed texts. Some of the boards have supports while others do not.

Ready to give them a try? Click HERE to download a sample of the Read and Do Playdough Mats: Summer edition

If you like the sample, save money with the Read & Do Bundle.

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