Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Aurasma in the Classroom

I would like to share with you an awesome App called Aurasma! Aurasma can be use as a QR code, but you can use your own images (Auras)!

I used it in my classroom as a Math Center and my kids LOVED it!! I made several Math story problems cards & another set of card with the answers. I used the story problem cards as my trigger images and the solution cards as my Auras.

At the Math center, my students read their story problem and used the different strategies learned in class to find the solution.

Later they used the Aurasma App to check their answer! They were amazed when the solution showed up 3D style! This center is the FAVORITE one in my classroom!

I made my own cards, but you can use any color image, even pictures made by your students! To create you own AURA click {HERE}. Your students are going to love it!

Have fun!

Mynda Rivera (B is for Bilingual)
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