Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sight Word Interactive Notebooks

It's Jean here from The Teacher Gene and I am thrilled to be back today showing you one of my favorite ways for students to practice sight words.

I don't have to tell you that learning sight words is crucial for learning to read. Over half of everything we read is made up of about 100 words! There are so many great ways to practice sight words. When I have a spare minute in a Kinder classroom and the students are on the mat, I write a sight word on the board, students look at it, they say it, and then they write it on the back of the person in front of them with their finger. So simple, but they love it!

When I have a little longer than a minute, my Sight Word Interactive Notebooks are a fun and engaging way to help students learn high frequency (and often tricky) words.
Fun, engaging and hands-on these flip flaps are perfect for word work and centers!

Each sight word follows the same format. Have students trace over the word with a finger, stick stickers or use a bingo marker to dot the word, write the word in the box shapes underneath, and find the sight word.

Students love making the picture! They read and write their sight words as they create the scene. They print, rainbow write and repeat the word under the flaps.

Students see the word in context with the Read and Trace flap. They continue their practice of the word below as they trace, color, rainbow write and print the word under the cross flaps.

Further activities are included to review a number of sight words at one time. 

I love the Words I Know/Words to Learn pockets as they are great for me as an at a glance progress report! The students get a real buzz out of moving their words from Words to Learn to Words I Know!

I love using these Sight Word Interactive Notebooks not only as an introduction to a word and subsequent practice, but also when there's a little extra time to fill during the day. The students simply take out their notebooks and revise their sight words!

If you would like to give Sight Word Interactive Notebooks a try, click HERE to try my THANK freebie!

Happy Sunday to you!

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