Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Phonological Awareness

One of my favorite things to work on with my students is phonological awareness. I know that both my beginning and advanced students need this crucial foundation to be successful independent readers in the long term. 

I've tried a lot of things over the years and I finally came up with a sequence of skills and materials that work very well for me. I enjoy this sequence so much in fact that I'm making a thematic set for each month (almost done)!

I have a Montessori class which means there are a range of ages and abilities in my room. I need to be able to cover both basic and advanced phonological awareness skills.

Here is the sequence I use:
  1. Isolating Words
  2. Rhyming
  3. Segmenting Syllables
  4. Isolating Initial Phonemes
  5. Isolating Final Phonemes
  6. Isolating Ending Phonemes
  7. Isolating Medial Phonemes
  8. Substituting Phonemes
Here are some images from my phonological awareness pack for spring:

Skill 1: Isolating Words
I like to use a seasonal poem to work on this skill. I make a poster with the words and place a dot under each word. We say the poem together many times while pointing to each word. A mini version of the poster goes on a tray in the language center and students can take it out to repeat on their own. I also have a set of sequencing cards to go with it, as well as a little emergent reader booklet that they can assemble on their own.

Skill 2: Rhyming
Rhyming Riddles are my favorite beginning rhyming activity. I have a set of picture cards and riddle cards. This is best done in a small group or one-on-one. Line up the picture cards and name each image to ensure that the child know what it is. Then read a riddle card and have the child complete the rhyme. 

Skill 3: Segmenting Syllables
Sort seasonal pictures according to how many syllables they have. I like to place a color coding dot on the back of the cards so that the students can check their work when they're done.

Skill 4: Isolating Initial Phonemes
Match beginning sounds

Skill 5: Isolating Final Phonemes
This little game is called I Spy Bingo and I enjoy playing it with a small group. I pass out the bingo mats and then read the cards. "I spy something that ends with the sound ___" The children use a token to cover up the correct picture. The mats are designed so that all students will end at the same time and there won't be a winner. But, if you want it to be competitive, they can call out bingo when they complete a row or column.

Skill 6: Isolating Medial Phonemes  (FREE SAMPLE)
Sorting pictures by middle vowel.
You can download this activity for free for Sample Sunday!
Click this image to get your free sample!

Skill 7: Segmenting and Blending Phonemes
Point and Slide cards are a simple way to practice segmenting and blending phonemes. Touch the dots as you say each sound in isolation. Slide your finger across the arrow and say the complete word.

Skill 8: Substituting Phonemes
These "What's the New Word?" riddles are for practicing phoneme substitution. We line up the pictures and then read one of the riddles. For example: "Lot. Change /t/ to /g/. What's the new word?" The child then says "Log" and finds the picture of the log.
I hope you enjoy the free sample from today and got some ideas for your language centers!

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