Monday, April 27, 2015

SOLO Cup Word Work

Hi everyone! It's Tiffany here, from KTeacherTiff! This is my first time blogging here at iTeachKinder! Today, I am going show you a quick station that is easy and motivating for kids. Solo cup word work! I recently made these cups because of how much my students loved the Easter egg word work activity (you've seen it everywhere). Well it was finally time for me to admit that Easter is over and I needed to change out this activity. Bye bye eggies! 
So I scrounged through my closet to see what I could come up with and I found approximately 100 multicolored SOLO cups left over from the 100th day of school. Bam! 
Step 1: Cut a window into the bottom of a cup. 
Step 2: Use a sharpie to write the word family rime on the outer cup
Step 3: Write the appropriate beginning sounds on the cup underneath. Just write in the window, turn the cup a bit, and continue until you are out of words to make. I made 2 for each vowel to make sure my kiddos are getting lots of practice. 
Now, you can download and print out this freebie recording sheet I made. 
The students write the words at the bottom, and draw the picture to show the word they made in the top section of each cup. 
And there you have it! I hope your students enjoy this little station as much as mine do! 
Tiffany :)

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