Sunday, March 22, 2015

Practicing Skills with Pocket Sorts!

Hey everyone! This is Andrea from I Heart Kindergarten. As others have said, I am so excited about this collaborative blog and I'm so glad that you found us!

A little about me... I've been teaching for 15 years and there is nothing like Kindergarten! I love engaging my students in hands-on activities and watching their faces light up when they learn something new. When I'm not busy planning and creating teaching materials, my time is spent being a Mommy to my sassy 18 month old little girl.

Do your kiddos love activities that they can complete independently?  Mine do!  They love taking responsibility for their learning and showing me what they've done when they're finished.  Pocket sorts are perfect for this!  I created my Pocket Sorts packet with my little independent learners in mind. :)

Pocket sorts are perfect for centers!  Once students get the hang of how to put one together, they are able to complete them with little to no help, freeing you up to work with small groups.  They are easy prep for you, too!  Just print and copy the pages you need and you're set.

Once they've completed and assembled their pocket sorts, they can sort the cards as often as they'd like.

What I love most about Pocket Sorts is that they can be used to review a wide variety of skills!  I use them for math and language arts, as well as social studies, science, and health.

They're fun and interactive and a great way to get some extra practice in!

I'd love to share a free sample with you that you can try out in your classroom!   Included
 is a Syllables Pocket Sort where students will write the number of syllables that each word 
has, then sort them by that number.  I hope your kiddos enjoy Pocket Sorts as much as mine do!  

Click below to get your free sample.

Click here for your sample. 




  1. What a great way to practice syllables. Thanks for sharing! :)