Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nursery Rhymes Poetry Book

Hello! I'm Becky Castle, The Barefoot Teacher. Why barefoot? Because there is nothing I love more than kicking off my shoes and getting comfortable, especially when I'm in the classroom working or volunteering with kids! 

My husband (also a teacher) and I have four super-charged, energetic kiddos between the ages of 3 and 7. We call them our tornadoes! They love helping me design and create teaching resources for the classroom, and most importantly, testing them out once they are completed. 

Nursery Rhymes Poetry Book Sample
One of my favorite themes for the classroom is Nursery Rhymes.  I love everything about them! That's one reason why I created this Nursery Rhymes Poetry Book. I'm super excited to share a sample of it with you for Sample Sunday. This Nursery Rhymes Poetry Book  provides one more way for you to get your students excited about nursery rhymes, while reviewing high frequency words at the same time. 

The sample includes three different nursery rhymes to try out in your classroom- Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, and Jack Be Nimble. 

Each rhyme focuses on a specific high frequency word. Students practice writing that sight word on the blanks provided in each poem. The poems can then be colored, cut, and glued into a spiral notebook to make a Nursery Rhymes Poetry Book. 

Some teachers choose to put them in a 3-prong folder, or to double staple them, instead. If you already use some type of poetry book, then you can simply add these to what you already have.

They come in both full color and black/white versions. Use the full-color poems to make a class book or to hang as posters around the classroom. I put mine in plastic sleeves and then slip them into a binder. (You can also laminate them, for added durability, and fasten them together with a binding machine or loose-leaf rings.) The kids really like reading "Mrs. Castle's Nursery Rhyme Poetry Book" as a special treat! 

I love using Cool School's Nursery Rhymes videos to go along with these poetry pages. You can find the specific rhyme you want and they are only a 1-2 minute clip. The narrator reminds me of comedian/actor Ricky Gervais. The kids just roll in giggles when they watch these! 

I hope your students love these pages and videos as much as mine do! I'm glad you stopped by and am looking forward to sharing more with you in the future. 

~Til next time

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  1. This looks great for beginner readers and I love how it reinforces high frequency words. Thanks so much for sharing!