Sunday, March 29, 2015

Interactive Sight Word Flap Book, Reader, and More!

Sample Sunday is here!  We already LOVE Sundays, but snagging some FREE samples for our class makes it even better!

We are so glad you have found our great new collaborative blog, I Teach Kinder!  We believe you'll find some really fresh ideas and lots of different perspectives...perfect for our ever changing world of Kinder!

So... a quick introduction might be in order!  Page and I have taught kindergarten together for the past 8 years. Before moving to our current school, we taught 10+ years in other cities, states, and even grades.  But let's be honest...our hearts always belonged to K!  We always say 2 heads are better than 1...thus Kindergarten Squared was born!

Let's get down to the REAL reason you guys are here! Some of our favorite new activities that are working out so well for us are our Interactive Sight Word Activities!  We were having SO MUCH trouble figuring out a way to make sight words STICK!  We practiced with flash cards, played Around the World sight word games, tapped out the letters to spell the words, drew in name it, we tried it.  But honestly it just wasn't enough!

So we put our heads together and came up with an idea for some interactive activities for each word that focus on writing, reading, and application!

We created 3 activities for each word:  Flap Book, Interactive Activity Page, and Leveled Emergent Readers.

We don't always use all 3 activities for EVERY word, but we love having the option to pick and choose what works best, what our kiddos seem to respond to the best, and just to have some variety.

The interactive activity page in action!

Click on the picture to snag this for FREE!  It's Sample Sunday!
We hope you found this post helpful!  Sample our pack for COME to see if these fit in with your kiddos' learning styles! Enjoy!

Page and Cristy 
Kindergarten Squared

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  1. LOVE the layout of this activity! My son is just starting to learn to read in English, and this looks like a great way to reinforce the sight words in a fun, interactive way!