Friday, November 6, 2015

Cooking in the Classroom

Hey guys! Julie here from Big Ideas For Little Hands! One of my favorite things to do in the classroom is cooking! My kids look forward to this every week and get so excited! I try to incorporate a cooking project or fun snack every Friday. Just a fun way to end the week and they love it! It's amazing what they will do to earn these fun little cooking projects. Here are a few ideas of things that we have done in our classroom for the month of November.

Here's one fun way to make a turkey our of an Oreo, wafer cookie, chocolate chips, and all of that candy corn that you still have left over from Halloween (after your daughter sneaks two handfuls and runs away)

 Another fun way to make this snack is to use sugar cookies and have the students ice their cookie then decorate it to look like a turkey. This is another great way to use up some left over Halloween candy :) All you need is a cookie, icing, M&Ms, candy corn, and a Reese's for each child. You can even have the students sort their candy and count their pieces too. Or they could even make a pattern with their M&Ms. Look we are eating and doing math at the same time!

 I found some other cute ideas on Pinterest that I may have to try out this year! Click the pictures below to go directly to the pin!

Have fun cooking!


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