Sunday, August 16, 2015

Roll and Cover Math Games

Hi there! It's Alex from The Kindergarten Connection with a fun Sunday Surprise!

I love it when my students get excited about math and enjoy it - I think all teachers can agree that it is important to try to make learning as fun as possible! 

Last year, my students had a very strong interest in dice games - they loved them! They especially loved roll and cover games. 

I loved that they were having fun and learning at the same time!

This year we are going to have tons of roll and cover games to play - and today I am sharing a few of them for FREE with you! 

First is the basic roll and color. This is excellent for students who are learning number recognition. 

You can choose to use traditional dotted dice and have your students count the dots, or you can use numbered dice and have them match numbers. I used the jumbo dice from Target and The Dollar Store because those are always a hit! 

Students roll the dice and color the number that matches. 

You could also provide cubes or manipulatives for students to cover the numbers if you want to reuse the pages. I often do this and put the pages in sheet protectors for extended use.

Next is the addition version of roll and color. You can use two dotted dice and have students count the totals, or use numbered dice and have them add using the number line for help if needed (sums to 12). They find the sum and color the total (or cover if you are choosing that option).

Last is the subtraction version of roll and color. Students roll two dice, subtract the smaller number from the larger, and color the answer. There is a number line included for help. I chose to use numbered dice (each numbered 1-6) for this version, but dotted would work as well. 

Do your kids love roll and color games too? You can grab all 3 of these games for FREE!

Click HERE to download your freebies! 

Want more roll and cover? You may want to check out Roll and Cover Math Games for the Year. That's right - the YEAR!! With 22 different designs and 3 levels of play for each - you have 66 roll and cover games for seasons and holidays throughout the school year!

You can view the complete set HERE.

Don't forget your freebies!! If you haven't already, download them HERE. 

I hope your students enjoy playing these games as much as mine do!

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