Monday, July 6, 2015

Make-It Monday: Rolling Chair Makeover!

Hi!  It's Page and Cristy from...
Summer is flying by people!  We only have about 4 weeks left, so we are already getting our brains back into SCHOOL PREPARATION mode!  

If you are thinking about your classroom and how you can spruce it up a bit...then this post is perfect for you.  Sometimes it's the "standard issue" items that seem to be so boring...yet we suck it up because it's what the school ordered us.  You know what we are talking about here...that gosh awful metal desk, the cream colored plastic trash cans, and alas that brings me to today's post...the dreaded gray rolling chair.  Comfy, yet not attractive in the least!  Functional, yet no wow factor whatsoever!  

And be frank, it was messing up the whole COOL VIBE thing we had going here!

Well...have NO FEAR, because in about 30 minutes you can take that boring old chair to FABULOUS!  True story!'s CHEAP...and EASY!  2 of our favorite crafting words!

You will need:
*boring rolling chair
*tools to disassemble the chair (all we needed was an Allen wrench)
*fabric of your choosing
*hot glue gun
*spray adhesive
*chopstick (or other "pokey" device!)

These basic steps should take you NO MORE than 1 hour!
1.  Gather supplies and disassemble the chair.
2.  Lay your fabric over each cushion and cut it in a square/rectangular shape with several inches hanging over the sides. (This will be what you tuck/glue.)
3.  Spray the adhesive and lay your fabric over it.  Smooth it out with your hands and give it a few minutes to set before you keep working.
4.  On the chair back, the plastic backing was actually impossible to remove so after spraying the adhesive, I simply used my trusty chopstick to shove the fabric between the cushion and the plastic. Worked like a charm!
5.  Finished seat back!  Presh!
6.  For the seat bottom, follow the same step using the adhesive, then use a hot glue gun to glue down the excess fabric.  I didn't remove the old gray stuff---just glued right over it.  Be careful that you tuck the fabric and glue it about every couple of inches so you don't have tons of fabric all left over in one section...that causes lots of wrinkles at the corners.  Mine was not perfect, but little tucks here and there looked just fine to me!  (PS-Be sure you don't glue the fabric down over the screw holes...that would just be crazy, right!---You'd think, anyway!!...cause that's EXACTLY what I did!)
7.  Finished glued chair bottom!
8.  Completed seat back and seat bottom!
9.  Find a cute kid (in this case, my handy 9 year old!) to reassemble the chair!
10.  And VOILA!!!  You have a trendy, stylish, new "roll-y chair"!

So here's hoping you have a successful Make-It Monday chair makeover.  You can head over to our blog to read more about this chair makeover or other classroom design ideas!  Have a super day!

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