Saturday, May 30, 2015

Back to School #Selfie

Hello, friends! I’m Jodi from My Heart Belongs in Kindergarten. I’m excited to be part of the iTeach Kinder team and share ideas with you! I just finished my 9th year teaching kindergarten and I can't imagine doing anything else. Those little learners have captured my heart!

It’s the last weekend of May and I’m excited to join you for Show-n-Tell Saturday! Today, I want to share one of my favorite activities with you…a year in the making. Each year I’m amazed at how much my students grow and learn from the first day of school to the last. One way I like to monitor this growth is by collecting monthly self-portrait and handwriting samples. This year, I added a modern twist to that idea...monthly selfies and autographs!

Prior to the first week of school, I copied booklets for each student in my class. I also made a few extras for those students that might join our kinder team later in the year. For the front and back cover, I decided to use colored cardstock but I also liked the idea of using white cardstock and having students color the pictures. Maybe I'll give that a try next year! Once the booklets were ready it was as simple as having students draw a picture of themselves and write their name each month throughout the school year. Easy peasy!

I tried to have my students add their first entry on the first or second day of kindergarten. Since we started school in mid-August, it was easiest for me to have students complete their pages near the middle of each month that followed.  (I made myself a note in my planbook so I didn't forget!) Our first three pages were finished just in time to share at parent-teacher conferences in October.  Just look at Liviya's growth!

Month-by-month they added to their booklets until finally they reached the last page! I loved looking back with them and being reminded of the great strides they had made since our first day together in August. Simply amazing! Plus, it was the perfect end-of-the-year keepsake to share with parents.

Thank you for joining me on Show-N-Tell Saturday! I encourage you to give this idea a try with your kiddos during the upcoming school year. It's sure to become a favorite! If interested, you can purchase this booklet here from my store. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


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