Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sight Word Sentences Giveaway!

Hi there! I'm Elyse from A is for Apples and I'm super excited to be writing my first post for this fantastic Kindergarten collaborative blog!!

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. I've been at it now for 6 years with only a few months away from Kinder. (When I moved a few years ago, I had to take a 2nd grade position to secure a job at a great school nearby... Needless to say, after a few months I was begging to be back in a Kindergarten classroom!)

One of the things I love about Kindergarten is teaching kiddos how to read! Sight words are a big deal in my classroom... but sometimes I find it hard to squeeze it into our busy mornings! I know... we're technically always working on sight words when we're reading and writing, but when it comes to introducing new words each week, I feel like I'm always coming up short on time!

And so, my sight word sentences entered the picture! These pages are GREAT for some quick morning work. We usually do 2 or 3 of them every week! As the students are working, I'll walk around and ask them to read the sentence to me. Quick and easy way to practice our new words each week (and review old words) and to see who's getting it (and who's not...)!!

Another thing I love about these pages is that they are an easy way to remind students about using pictures clues when reading. Don't know the last word in the sentence? Use the picture on the page to help! 

Oh wait, there's another thing I love about these pages!! Handwriting practice!!!!!! There's never enough time to practice letter formation and handwriting. I love being able to sneak it in whenever I can!

{Click on the cover image to see the full pack.}

This pack currently includes sentences for Fry's first 75 words. I will be adding 25 more to complete the list of Fry's First 100 Words very, very soon (because we need those words to finish off the year!)

Words currently included...

So, I like to think of this pack as a mini growing bundle... Once I add the next 25 words, the price will increase. But if you buy it NOW, you'll get the next update for free! Another fun fact! I did just start a growing bundle for all the these sentence packs that I will be creating! (I already have one for spring-themed sentences!) You can check it out here.

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to WIN this pack!
PLUS, I will send you the update when I add the next 25 words!!
(If you already own this pack, or the growing bundle, make sure you still enter! You can win something else from my store if you're the winner!)

Good luck!!


  1. Seriously, you are the best, Elyse! :)

    1. Thank you Megan!!!! Glad you're following this new blog! :)

  2. I have nothing set by the school for us to know in kindergarten. We use the reading street series, so our word wall words are made of them, colors, numbers, + some of the fry sight words.

  3. I can't even begin to tell you how much LOVE this resource!!! I can totally see my students using this in my classroom. My students are expected to know a specific set of 37 words by the end of the school. But so many leave knowing tons more. Thanks for this opportunity. Fingers crossed!!!

  4. We follow HM curriculum for Sight Words. I use anything hands-on to help them master the words by the end of the year. Currently, we are doing a Sight Word hop that gets them up and moving and is perfect for this time of year.

  5. We use our reading series words as well as Fundations trick words and color words. That makes 50 words. I would love to do more with sight words, but being departmentalized, I have limited time to cover all ELA in one hour.

  6. Our reading program requires about 40, but we (my grade-level), ask for more.

  7. I think the regular ed Kinders have about 35 word to learn. My special ed kinder student is still learning her letters so I have not pushed words yet . She has learned a few along with the older special ed students.

  8. This pack looks amazing! Thanks for the chance to win it. (I LOVE this new blog by the way!)

    Jungle Learners

  9. They need to master 40 words plus colors words, number words, but of course we work hard to make sure they know much more than that. My students love the power points that I have with the words because there are different sounds, fonts, and colors used. Of course they also love the playdoh stamps, writing in sand, and building with leogs.

  10. The county says they have to know 52 by the end of the year. Some of them are not common and some are great choices. I have made up stamp, write pages and roll and record for them to use!

  11. They are to be able to read a list of 30 district chosen words by the end of the year as part of an assessment but we have them learn more than that. I think some of the words on the list more closely align with the Dolch list. Since we have 30 students, one way we have them learn them those specific 30 is to "assign" one word for each student and it becomes "their" word. We've been doing this for a while and it seems to work fairly well because they take ownership of their word and their friends ask them how to spell it but they also end up learning the "other" words because they're their friends' words. We have a list with all the words and the student's picture next to it. I hope that makes sense, lol. ;)

  12. Our students need to know 75 Sight words consisting of colors, numbers and Dolch Sight words.

  13. What a great activity to get kids interacting with sight words! LOVE it!

  14. My kinders need to know 32 sight words as well as color and number words by the end of the year. I'd love to know how others teach sight words! I just got The Reading Game, so I'm hoping that will help my students learn and retain them.