Friday, April 10, 2015

Earth Day Graphing

Hi friends, Jessica here from Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten! Are your ready for another Freebie Friday? I hope you have been enjoying the adorable freebies from all our friends here at iTeachKinder, I know I've loved seeing something new each week!  Well now that Easter has passed, and you are either on spring break or in the home stretch to the end of the year I thought about what I usually like to do this time of year (That doesn't include mowing down a few packages of peeps.)
Sorry I couldn't resist posting a picture of my sweet little Easter bunny.

Well, Earth Day is coming up fast (April 22nd) so I wanted to share with you a quick and fun activity I like to do with my class! I created this survey for my students as an easy way to practice graphing and collaboration between students. There are 2 options for a whole class graph, or individual student created graphs. Here's how these lovely graphs work:

You can grab the Earth Day Survey and Graph activity here.
And if you are looking for more graphing fun, see all 4 of my complete graphing packs here:

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